The API is accessed at the url:
The following resources are available:

GET/statsreturns db stats
GET/event/[EVENT_ID]returns an event specified by EVENT_ID
GET/user/[USER_ID]returns a user specified by USER_ID
GET/label/[LABEL_ID]returns a label specified by LABEL_ID
GET/eventsreturns a list of events
GET/events/user/[USER_ID]returns events created by USER_ID (full username)
GET/events/title/[TITLE]returns events with a title specified by TITLE (full title)
GET/events/label/[LABEL_ID]returns events with a label specified by LABEL_ID (full label_id)
GET/events/year/[YEAR]returns events with with year specified by YEAR
GET/labelsreturns a list of labels
GET/labels/event/[EVENT_ID]returns labels for event specified by EVENT_ID
GET/labels/user/[USER_ID]returns labels by a user specified by USER_ID
GET/links/event/[EVENT_ID]returns links for an event specified by EVENT_ID
GET/search/events/label/[LABEL_QUERY]search events by label text
GET/search/events/title/[TITLE_QUERY]search events by title text
GET/search/events/years/[YEAR1]/[YEAR2]search events between two years
POST/eventsadds a new event
POST/linksadd a link
POST/labelsadd a label